Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 267..... haha, just kidding!

Zaoshang Hao,
How is everybody!? Things in the City are going great, I don't know where this week went, so fast. The Senior couple serving in our ward will be going home in a few months so Sister Slade and I will be taking over their English class that they teach.  It's the IELTS Prep class - International Students take the class to prepare for a test that extends their visa, it's really important and crucial that they do well so lots of students come to this class. We've been sitting in to see how they teach the class so we will know how to teach it. It's so much fun, I LOVE teaching. A man in the class gave me his business card, he offered me a job in China...he said to come to see him in his office before I leave. Not too sure I'm ready to make Beijing my home...haha but he's a really nice guy, super funny. I'm finding Asians are pretty witty. They usually just have a language barrier so it's hard to see it. 

Sister Slade and I had a lot of time this week to get around the city and contact people on the street. We went to the Opera House and all around Circular Key. Sister Slade says to me, "We're in Sydney, Australia right now talking to people at the Opera House....." I just looked at her like......I know, RIGHT!? It's so amazing, I talked to a man from India, he cut his hair and took off his turban when he came to Australia. He was saying in his culture, that is like the worst thing you could do, completely dishonoring your family and religion.  A lot of the people here have made big sacrifices to come to Australia. But he still keeps his faith. I also met a guy from Iraq - he moved here 6 years ago because the war was getting too bad so his family left, they are now spread out all over the world. We had a really good week and I absolutely LOVE contacting on the street, talking to everybody and anybody. They LOVE my American accent, which is funny because all I want is an Aussie accent. They make me feel like a celebrity when they hear me speak, "Wow, are you from America!?" haha. I'll be here all week.....

We had a major miracle. After English class on Saturday, I noticed a girl. She had looked pretty bored all through class but I went up to her afterwards and started to talk to her. She is from Japan, her name is Emi. Her English isn't great but we could carry a small conversation, I asked her if she would like to learn more about Jesus Christ, she just nodded her head yes. I said, Well, we don't have anything planned right now. Would you like to come downstairs to the teaching center and we can talk to you for a few minutes about God?" She said we taught her the Godhead. That God is our Father in heaven, He loves us and knows us perfectly. Jesus Christ is literally His Son, and God speaks to us through the power of the Holy Ghost. She was smiling and nodding through the lesson, not saying too much. We asked her if we would be able to meet again to teach her more, and to answer three questions: Where we came from, Why we are here, and Where we are going after this life. She said yes, and we'll meet with her again tomorrow. We also invited her to come to church, she said she would try her best to come. And she did. :)

YesterdaySunday, was a very special day for me and for my family, as well. Remembering my brother's passing and reflecting on the years with him and the past two years without him. I feel very blessed I was able to spend most of the day at the chapel surrounded by wonderful missionaries and a strong/supportive ward. 

Like I said, we had a miracle when Emi came to church, as well as ______, who is preparing to be baptized on June 22nd. In Relief Society, we talked about enduring trials and challenges which sparked a desire for me to study from my scripture about the Saviour and the plan God has for all of us. I read from Alma 7:11-13 which talks about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and WHY he sacrificed for us. Christ took upon himself our infirmities so that he could know exactly how to succor his people according to their infirmities. What does it mean to succor?  One definition I found was: "to help". Which is true, but that didn't cut it for me.  I did a little more study on the word "succor" and found the definition: "To run lift.." Christ suffered so he would know how to run to us and uplift us in our times of need. In St. John 14:18 he says, "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you." Have faith in his words, that he WILL come to us...he WILL comfort us in our times of need. Further, in Alma 7:23 Christ tells us the way to endure trials is the be humble and submissive, full of patience and long suffering, temperate in all things, diligent in keeping the commandments and asking Heavenly Father for whatsoever things we stand in need of, both spiritual and temporal, remembering to always give thanks.  Christ shows us how we can faithfully endure trials and he is right there to comfort us and help us through. Finally, In D&C 136:31 we must be tried in all things, to be prepared for the glory that Heavenly Father has prepared for us. This life is purely a time for us to prepare to live with God again, Nick is already there.  I am willing to do everything the Lord asks of me to make sure I learn the lessons needed to make me stronger, to be prepared for the day I enter into His glory, to live with my family forever. I love my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I love the scriptures that bring me comfort when I need it the most. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who listens to my prayers and answers questions in my heart. I know without a doubt this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, He lives. I love all of you, have a wonderful week. 
Sister Raitt 

Beautiful day at the harbor 

Wacky color pannel pants we got from all of our Thai friends, haha!

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