Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Nimen Hao,
Well...it's been an interesting week, but a wonderful week none the less. We've been working really hard and still have 4 baptismal dates set for the month of June. It's so exciting, people are so prepared here I still can't get over it! I love every second of serving in the city! English classes are a blast to teach, we have so much fun with it. There were 3 people from our class who came up to us afterwards wanting to learn more about the church, I really can't complain.

We attended a baptism on Saturday - 4 girls were baptized! My companion, Sister Slade, sang "Come Follow Me", it was beautiful. After the actual baptism, each girl that was baptized got up to bear their testimony, everyone's holding back tears. It's very spiritual and all of a sudden you hear a "click" ( like the sound of someone taking a picture ). Sure enough, someone in the back thought it was a great photo opp. I think it must be an cultural thing...they take pictures of EVERYTHING. Haha, I was holding back a few chuckles.

I'm sorry this letter will be short today, I'm still under the weather, undergoing some more tests to see what's wrong. Possibly...pneumonia? But regardless, the word continues on, I continue to grow and see miracles every day. I've been studying from the scriptures a lot and I'm amazed how uplifted I feel after my morning studies. I pray for all of you, have a fantastic week!
Sister Raitt

P-Day at manly beach - no swimming, though!

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