Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just Another Miracle Monday

Nimen Hao...
We've had a few setbacks this week in some areas and a lot of progression in some areas, also. The work moves incredibly fast here - sometimes I'm tempted to pray for the work to slow down, haha, but that would be wrong so I just try to keep up the best I can. We had the traveling sisters with us at the beginning of the week, double the sisters, double the miracles. We picked up 5 new investigators this week, they are all so good. 2 girls are from Mongolia, they hardly speak any English but we don't have anyone here who speaks Mongolian so we're on our own to help the understand the best we can. We like to draw lots of pictures, visuals are good :) We asked ________ to say the closing prayer after we taught her how.  She said a BEAUTIFUL prayer, I was amazed, and when she said, "Amen," you could see on her face she was so happy. We asked her how she felt, she said, "really peaceful and happy, just...good!" I love them, so humble and eager to learn more.

Another miracle, we've been teaching one of our investigators, ________ (from China), for about a month now. He takes a little more time than some, really likes to think things through, it's good. We invited him to be baptized last week but he said he wanted time to think about it. This week he still was hesitant and wanted more time but he said he would pray and give us his answer after 3 days time. So Sister Slade and I prayed lots and patiently/eagerly waited for 3 days and sure enough, the phone rings.  Fredrick says, "uh...Raitt, yes I just want to call you to give you answer about baptism. I make decision I want to baptism on the 22nd of June." Trying to remain professional, I congratulated him and we talked for a few minutes and set up our appointment to meet today. When we hung up, we did our baptism dance around the apartment. SO HAPPPPYYYY!!! YAYYYY ________! Haha, we were so thrilled! That makes 2 with baptismal dates for the 22nd of June!

We had a zone conference with President and Sister Howes on Wednesday, it was really good. We talked a lot about the Woman at the Well, how Christ saw her as what she could become.  He didn't judge her and in return, it ended up converting an entire city. As missionaries, or people in general, that is how we need to look at people, see them for what they can become. When I see a guy covered in tattoos, smoking a cigarette at the train station, I try to picture him in white, or in a suit as the Bishop of a ward. It really helped me because we HAVE to believe that everyone can change. Just because one's choices are more noticeable, doesn't make me any better because I might be the only one aware of my choices. Just something to keep in mind. It was a really good training AND we got gluten free taco soup, I was happy.

One final miracle before I forget. Sister Slade and I had a few appointments we were looking forward to. We got a text from ________ (our miracle investigator who was going to be baptized in a few weeks) and she tells us she is moving to Melbourne and can't meet with us anymore. We were so devastated.  Then our other appointment cancelled and when Sister Slade tried to call someone we met at the park, she got some punk kids on the phone just swearing at her. Needless to say, we were a little down. But Elder Allred and Elder Yoshizowa asked us if they could say a prayer with us. We went and knelt in a room and said a prayer. Sister Slade and I really just wanted to go back to the flat to do some planning and other paperwork but we both felt we should go out and talk to people, so we did. We went to Belmoire Park and this guy waves to us and when we come closer,  we see he is reading Preach My Gospel....huh....that's....random. Turns out he's a member, preparing to serve his mission. What are the chances! Really nice kid. Meanwhile, while Sister Slade is talking to him, I get a call from one of our investigators who said he was busy all week, but he says he has had a change of plans.  He has the weekend free and can meet with us and come to church! Miracle! It was a good lesson to me that maybe Heavenly Father just wanted us to walk all the way down to the park for us to receive the miracle phone call from our investigator, for us to prove our diligence and faith even when our day wasn't going so well. 

Heavenly Father really does love us and he wants us to succeed. He will provide a way for all of us, when we are doing the simple things He asks us to do. I love you all, have a wonderful week!
Sister Raitt
Funny Moment - we have our funny little Chinese investigator, ________, and he came to game night with us Friday night and we were all playing cards. His English isn't great but he yells to Sister Stevens, "STEVENS!, come play!" She says, "Oh, what are you playing?" Lucas yells, "POKER".............the funny thing is, we were playing UNO. Bless him.

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