Sunday, March 17, 2013

Turn your hearts to the Lord

Good Morning Family and Friends,
Let's start with the positives, shall we!? We got to go to the temple Tuesday morning, it was just LOVELY. I was in need of a Temple trip, the spirit is always so calm and peaceful there. We took 3 trains to get there, but it was worth the trip. After the temple, we were all walking to the Carlingford train station when it started POURING rain, literally I've never seen it rain so hard, so all of us start booking it to the station which was a good...1/2 mile away. I had one of my packages tucked under my arm, sprinting. The train was JUST about to pull away when we jumped on, all of us were SOAKED! I couldn't believe it, just a mess. hahaha good times.
Anyways, we did our monthly service again in Leura, so there is an extremely dangerous spider in Australia called a funnel web spider - huge, nasty, evil!  They arch back on their legs and hiss...terrifying. So I've been told they like damp areas, under wood chips and dirt. They build long tunnels under the ground etc. So, of course, whenever we are weeding, I'm on alert. All of a sudden...i look...what is that...? Sure enough, I see about 7 different tunnels, and I'm standing in the middle of all of them. So the caretaker guy comes and marks off the area and they call a spider guy to come and spray the area. The things I do for service, but luckily I didn't actually see one. Apparently, the female kills and eats the male after she's had her babies. What kind of a sick country is this!? haha.
Unfortunately this week wasn't one of our proudest for Sister Nauta and I, pretty much all of our appointments canceled for various reasons. So we got to spend some quality time knocking doors, my favorite :) We knock on this guys door and introduce ourselves and he's like..."oh're Mormons" and he's kind of smiling so we're excited. "Ya we are!" And then he's like..."Yep, BYE!" (as he's smiling and waving and shutting the door). Sister Nauta and I look at each other, completely let down. haha We thought he was genuinely excited to see us. Nope. But we did meet a lovely elderly couple who gladly invited us in and gave us some water. They're strict Catholics but they love having a chat with the missionaries on occasion, but not interested. We're hoping this week will be much more promising, we have appointments and people to see, should be good.
As far as transferring, I'm really not sure what will happen. I guess the 15 sisters who are supposed to be coming on Monday, about 12 of them are still waiting for their who knows. Maybe I'll end up staying another transfer.
We've met some amazing people this week though, we have such a great ward. I'm really lucky to get to serve here. The zone is getting together again today to have lunch and say goodbye to Elder Wood, he goes home next week :( We're all pretty devastated about it..haha. We're like a family. I'm sorry I don't have more to share this week, it's been a little bit of an off week but hopefully you are still keeping up with the Book of Mormon reading. This week is Alma 21-30. I can announce the new Mormon message is really good, go have a look. Also, General Conference is coming up, though you will see it a week before I will, now's a great time to start preparing! I love you all, have a great week!
Sister Raitt

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