Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love Richmond ward!

Good Morning!...or Evening?

This week has been great! So much to share. We had yet ANOTHER training meeting this week, preparing for all the new changes in the mission requires all of the missionaries to be ready to work! We had 2 zones get together for a combined Zone Conference, President and Sister Howes gave a training as well as the assistants. ALL about obedience, which is weird because as a missionary we hardly ever talk about obedience.....(that's a joke). Sister Howes said it perfectly, "I was not created to fail, I was not created to be disobedient, I was created to become like Heavenly Father". As missionaries, we are here to succeed, to find those who are prepared and ready to accept the Gospel and Jesus Christ into their lives, disobedience won't bring success. However, we're not perfect. If we were, there wouldn't be a need for the Atonement. I'm constantly finding things to improve on. "When we celebrate the things that are right, we then have the energy to work on the things that are wrong". I also played the piano for a musical number, Sister Nauta and Elder Tuheiava sang "I will come unto Christ".  I just made up a little melody and it actually sounded quite nice so they asked me to accompany them, I was SHAKING hahaha. Look at me being all musical and what not.

We've had a few miracles this week. First one, on Wednesday I wasn't feeling well, probably had some gluten.  I was so exhausted, felt like crying, but we decided to get out and knock some doors. Of COURSE we pick the street that has the mile long driveways straight uphill, but we started knocking and we ended up meeting a 22 year old college student. She doesn't really have a belief in God, but is open to hear. We taught her a little bit and gave her a Book of Mormon and set up another appointment to come back this week! Miracle number two, we had dinner at a members home and he shared with us a missionary experience he had that day.  His computer crashed so he took it into his work where there is an IT Tech Team. So they were working on it and it reboots and the first thing that pops up on screen is Jesus Christ.  Apparently, Brother Brooks had been watching a church video when it crashed, so when they got it to reboot, it resumed back on the video! So it interested the workers and they started asking Brother Brooks what it was all about, etc. And they want to meet with us soon to ask more questions and learn more about the church! Can you believe it? The Lord works in mysterious ways...

We also visited our investigator ______ this week, she's been out of town but we re-scheduled her baptism for the 23rd :D we are so excited and happy for her. In our lesson she shared with us that her daughter passed away when she was just 16 months old, died in her sleep. ______ said she's been struggling ever since. Her marriage fell apart, hasn't been able to find work, and then she met us! She said "If the members of your church are half as wonderful as you then I'll be happy!" Sister Nauta and I both have had experiences of losing someone close to us, we bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and that her daughter is with Heavenly Father. We were all in tears, it was very spiritual. A lesson I will never forget.

Well forget Chinese, I've been speaking Spanish this week! Yep, we are teaching a family from Chile, the parents and son are members, but the son's girlfriend isn't. The parents speak very little English, so I've been brushing up on my Spanish, I'm amazed how much I remember. They are such a great family.

The Richmond ward celebrated it's 30th birthday, there was a big party Saturday night and we stopped by to have a little bite to eat. We ended up staying to play the ward trivia game. They had questions like "What youth was caught skinny dipping at the youth activity in 2003?" hahaha we were dying. Of course I put myself in the group with the oldest members so we won. The prizes were the best part: Sister Nauta and I got t-shirts and mugs that say "I love Richmond Ward" hahaha. A real, real treat.

As a zone we are going to the temple tomorrow! I'm so excited!! :) Love the temple, and we don't get to go that often so it's good. There's about a 99.9 percent chance I'll be heading to Sydney in a couple weeks at transfer to pick up my new companion :) I've got 2 weeks to prepare to train again. It's really exciting, and 5 of the 15 sisters coming in are Chinese speaking so as much as I love Sister Nauta, I'm hoping I get to go to a Chinese area. Time will tell. 

I love you and miss you all! Book of Mormon reading for the week is Alma 12-20. If you're falling behind, it's alright, just keep reading what you can! Have a great week! LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Raitt

In Australia, they say "brekky" for breakfast, even on their signs! It's weird. They put "y" on everything. Mozzies for mosquitos...well, I can't think of any more but they do.

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