Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Richmond, continued

Hello all,
Well, transfers have come and gone and it looks like I will be in Richmond for another transfer, maybe less. I just picked up my new companion yesterday, Sister Thaong.  She's from Cambodia and we've both been out for the same amount of time. I'm really excited to serve with her, she is so sweet. Of COURSE Sister Nauta got transferred to Greenwich (a Chinese area) and she doesn't speak a LICK of Chinese, but that's all right, there's a reason for everything. As of right now, 8 sisters haven't receive their visas yet so I could be called at anytime in the next transfer or so to come to Sydney to pick up a new companion to train. But for now...we wait :) 

We spent ALL day yesterday touring the city for a special sisters P-day. Went to the Opera House, had lunch in China Town then went to the church building and teaching center in the city square. All of us were exhausted when we got back to the mission home, but we quickly changed into our skirts for a little training from President Howes. He called me up to the front to demonstrate a teaching exercise, asked me to invite the Spirit, and powerfully invite him to be baptized in 20 seconds. Put me right on the spot but it went really, really well. It was a lot of fun.  We had a nice dinner and all 18 of us slept in two rooms at Temple Accommodations, just a giant sleep over. Bonding, sharing experiences, laughing, crying and saying goodbye, etc. Serving in Richmond, we hardly ever get to see other sisters, so It was a real treat.

Back tracking a few days, we had an extremely special dinner Monday night at a members home. It was Sister Nauta and my last dinner together for one, and also our investigator, ________, came as well. The members were nice enough to pick her up to join us. Dinner was lovely, ________ shared with us that she suffers from anxiety.  It's really been hard for her to come to church, and decide to be baptized. Thank goodness Heavenly Father knows everything and the member's family was able to share personal experiences that were exactly what she needed to hear. Sister Nauta and I then shared a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Easily the most powerful, spiritual lesson I've experienced here in Richmond thus far. Powerful testimonies were shared by the members and ourselves. Sister Nauta and and I were both in tears, so then ________ was in tears, then the members were in tears, haha just SO so good. Exactly what _________ needed, and she also shared with us that she knows these things we've been sharing with her are true and she's preparing to be baptized next month :) Miracles.

Also, I got a call from my last area.  I'm sure you all remember the A family, well the oldest, ________ who is 9 is getting baptized on April 13th and they've asked me to come speak at his baptism. Everyone please pray that President Howes will let me travel 2 hours north so I can go :) Also, ________ whom I started teaching with Sister Bambrough a few months ago was baptized! I never understood a word she was saying but I'm glad she could at least understand US, such great news. 

I think this week was one of those weeks that I just thought to myself......this is what it's all about, this is why I'm here. The Gospel can, and will change lives. I see it happen every day, and if I'm not seeing it personally, then I'm hearing about it from other members or missionaries. Surrounded by blessings everyday, it's wonderful. Love you and miss you all, hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon.
Sister Raitt

Saying goodbye to Sister Nauta

Saying hello to my new companion!

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