Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Goooooddd affternoon,
Well, transfers have again come and gone, and....I'm STAYING!! YAYYY!! Unfortunately Sister Slade was transferred, but on a happier note, I have a new companion! She is actually from the same town as Sister Slade in Mapleton, Utah. Her name is Sister Campbell. She's been out just over 6 months and she'll be my new traveling companion! :) She's so cute, I love her already. 

The mission is growing very quickly, we have 5 sisters who come in tomorrow, another 7 sisters coming in November and then a whopping 17 coming in December! And that's just the sisters!! My companion and I have started preparing for a Sisters Conference meeting in a couple months to give a training, It's pretty full-on but we're excited. Last week was really busy, not only preparing for transfers, but teaching and witnessing miracles, etc. 

You may remember me mentioning a new investigator I met a couple weeks ago on trade-offs. When we knocked on his door looking for another member, who had since moved, so we met him instead. Well, he came in and met with us on Saturday and told me that he firmly believes the reason he came to Australia was not to study, but to meet me, to learn about Jesus Christ. I explained to him it was a miracle how we met him that day, and he said, "I know, It's funny, that same day I decided to come home early from school and I don't really know why." He said usually he would head to the library after class but on that particular day, he decided to go home early, and that's when we came to his door. If he hadn't come home early we would have never met. It's amazing!  He also brought a friend with him, who was aware of this miracle and decided it's something he wants to be a part of, as well. I know the Lord has been preparing them for a long time, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach these people. We've been teaching a lot lately, there are about four right now who are preparing to be baptized, we are so excited!

We got to go to the temple this morning, just wonderful. And I had a little miracle on our way back on the train.  I sat next to an older Chinese woman and started talking to her, she said, "Oh, I'm just so happy to meet you, we can be friends! My name is Carly..."  I just said, "Wait....what's your name?? That's MY name!" I've never met an Asian who has picked the name Carly as their English name, I was so happy! She was excited too! She gave me her address and phone number so we can come teach her in the following weeks.

Everyone has been emailing me about General Conference but we actually haven't seen it yet! We're a week behind in Australia so it will be broadcast this weekend for us! But we're all really excited, it will be a spiritual filled week! I did hear a sneak peek quote from Elder Uchtdorf, I believe...."Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." How true that is. I know the Lord is capable of doing ALL things. President Howes talked about how sometimes our questions become our doubts, that should never happen. It is always good to have questions, questions we can study and find answers to, that is what helps us learn. But we're in trouble when we just sit there with our questions not wanting to put in the effort to find an answer, that is when it becomes a doubt, which only weakens our faith. I love this gospel, just when I think my testimony can't grow any further, Heavenly Father shows me another miracle and I am just completely humbled. It is true. ALL of it. Take your questions straight to Heavenly Father, I know he will answer our sincere prayers if it is what we truly desire. 

I love you all, have a great week!
Sister Raitt

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