Wednesday, October 2, 2013

87 days until Christmas

Good morning, everyone!
It's been a great week, wrapping up the month of September. On Monday, Sister Slade and I went to our mission leadership council meeting. It's an all day event but we love it. Lot's of new things are starting to come into the mission, as well as many more missionaries. We are expecting to get at least 4 more sisters in two weeks. Transfer calls are Saturday. I'm fasting and praying that I will get to stay in the city, maybe I'll train a new missionary. I don't know if I'll stay as a traveling missionary or not, only time will tell! 

Trade-offs were really physically demanding this week. We were working with the sisters in Doonside and Blacktown. They don't have a car so Sister Asia and I sacrificed and walked on foot for the day. We walked an hour and a half just to get to one of our appointments! But it turned out to be a great miracle. The lady we were looking for actually moved but it turns out the new owners happen to be Mormon! They haven't been to church in a long time but they invited us in because we must have looked pretty pathetic having walked for miles in the heat. They then invited the sisters back for dinner the following night! Afterwards, we walked another hour and a half to the other side of town to visit some people. We got to see a girl open her mission call, she's going to Peru! I couldn't stop crying, it reminded me of when I opened my mission call a year and a half ago, so exciting. 

Friday was really great. There was a Chinese lady who I visited the last time I was in Doonside. The sisters just found her while tracting but she doesn't speak English so I told them to visit her weekly to help her with her English by reading from the pamphlets of the church. It turns out that since I was last there, she's been learning about the Gospel and even came to church last week! So I was able to visit her, she was so happy to see me! She unloaded lots of questions on to me but she's been reading the Book of Mormon and really loves what she's been reading. I was pretty proud of myself in that I was able to talk and teach with her for over an hour, she's really great. Hopefully I'll get to see her in another month or so when we come back to visit the area. 

Sunday was our miracle day. We had three investigators at church, which was great. I also met a guy after church, his name is ________ and he's from China. He came with one of his friends who recently was baptized. He told me he knows all about Mormons as he's done a lot of research. He really looks up to Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. We had a lesson after church and he had lot's of questions. I invited him to pray at the very end and he said it's the first time in a long time that he's felt that kind of peace, he loved it. He even called me later that night to tell me about his prayer before bed. He is very grateful we were able to meet. We are seeing him again this week. We also were invited to go to dinner at our investigator, ________'s house. We had yet to meet his wife, ________,  so we were really excited. And serving in a YSA ward, we rarely get fed properly at a home. They have a beautiful apartment outside the city. They prepared a nice fancy dinner for us. ________ is really good, he's preparing to be baptized at the end of October. His wife knows nothing about religion but she asked if it would be okay to come over more often to teach her. We couldn't be happier! They are such a great couple, that makes now two Chinese couples we are teaching, preparing them for a temple marriage :) 

This week is going to be a busy week, Sister Slade and I leave tonight to visit three different areas. We won't be back until Saturday. We're heading up to Newcastle (my first area) and then the 8 hour trip up to Grafton. We're really excited. I've been told we will be on bikes, this will be a first for me on my mission so I'm excited! Our zone is taking a trip this afternoon to Manly Beach for some activities, taking advantage of our last week together before possible transferring. :/ 

I love you all, have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Sister Raitt

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