Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where does the time go?

Ay MATE, Aye ya goin!?
I don't want to boast but my accent is really improving. :) This week has been great! For starters, we have a new investigator! YAY! Previous missionaries had written down that they met a Cambodian couple months ago, so Sister Thaong and I were thrilled and decided we'd go visit them and say hello. Her name is ________.  Sister Thaong and ________ hit it off, carrying on in Cambodian while I smiled politely. Haha, it was so GREAT! I laughed when they laughed, and they just both look at me like..."You don't even know what we're saying." haha. Even though I had no idea what was being said, Sister Thaong later filled me in and she really wants to learn.  She misses going to church back in Cambodia. She and her husband have invited us over next week for dinner, Cambodian style. Sister Thaong is so excited, I am, too. It's such a different culture, I love learning all about it. Can't wait to see them this week!

Sister Thaong and I had a slight mishap this week.  I was walking out to the car as Sister Thaong was locking up the house when I realized I didn't have they keys, as I'm watching her shut the door...."NNNNOOOOOOOO!!" hahaha, too late. We're locked out. So naturally, Sister Thaong took on the challenge and somehow gets over the fence.  All I hear is commotion and clanging, etc. I'm yelling from the other side...her voice is all muffled. By this time, all the neighbors are watching. Finally, after about 15 minutes, Sister Thaong opens the door...covered in dirt, sweating, panting...haha. I'm on EARTH did you get inside? Turns out she created quite the contraption in the backyard using an old chair and water heater and climbed in through the bathroom window above the shower. ??? She said she was in the window, stuck and scared, not knowing what to do when she heard me yell, "The Elders are coming with a key, don't worry!"  So she panicked that the Elders would show up and see her stuck in a window with her skirt all out of place, etc.  She hurried and overcame her fear and gracefully fell in to the tub.  Bless her...she was really proud of herself.  I was too...but I hate to say, this morning we did the SAME thing, forgot the keys and locked ourselves out. She says, "Sister Raitt, I'm sorry but I cannot again.", we walked to the library. The Elders are coming with a key, not to worry.

Last night, we got the privilege to travel to the Buckland House, beautiful building right next to the temple in Sydney, for a Recent Convert Fireside. We brought with us 2 of the speakers, Gilbert and James, and also John and Sister Wolfinger came as well. I've never been to a Recent Convert Fireside but it was amazing. To hear all the different conversion stories and meet them, it was awesome. I'll share one with you...

This lady had a good friend who was Mormon, and being a massage therapist she was giving her friend a massage when she had a vision of some sort.  She described it to her friend, soon to find out what she was describing was the Salt Lake City Temple.  She also described a man who was telling her to "come" in the vision; the man turned out to be Joseph Smith. So she began to ask her friend questions, etc. and started to read from the Book of Mormon. Meanwhile, two Elders were knocking doors one day and felt prompted to knock on a specific door but no one answered. They felt a little let down. A few weeks later this lady and her husband decided to attend the church to check it out. There they met the missionaries and asked them to come and teach them at their home. When the Elders came over it was the same house they had been prompted to knock a few weeks prior. They invited the couple to be baptized in the first lesson and they said yes. She and her husband have now been members for a MONTH! She said she's happier than she's ever been. MIRACLE!

It's been a good week, I want to end by sharing one of my favorite quotes I came across this week. I hope that it will help SOMEONE who might be reading this.

"Resulting to plan B may just be a way for Heavenly Father's plan A to become a reality"

Remember everything is in the Lords hands, be obedient and he will bless you. His will and plan will always be better than any plan we can come up with for ourselves.

I love you all, remember Book of Mormon reading this week is Alma 49-57. Have a great week!
Sister Raitt

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