Sunday, April 14, 2013

B is for Baptisms are GREAT!

Helloooo All,
What a WEEK! We've been spending a lot of time working with the members in our ward, hoping they can help us find some more people to teach, after all...we are ALL missionaries. Right? RIGHT! I think I've mentioned Sister Trancoso before, she is from Chile. Speaks very little English, so I've been practicing my Espanol! haha, She has asked me to come over once a week to teach her English. Brother Trancoso said my Espanol is fantastic, bless his heart he clearly hasn't spent enough time listening, because all I know how to say are household items and "Hello, how are you?" ...haha. But I love them, they are so faithful.  They come to church every single Sunday even though they don't understand hardly anything that is being said. They are soon moving to Queensland to be with their kids and grandkids. I'll miss them.

We are still teaching the Cambodian couple. She also has asked for us to come once a week so I can teach her English, I have 2 students! I'm so thrilled! She also insisted she cook for us, Sister Thaong was so happy to hear that invitation...and as they start to discuss what to cook I realize they are planning to cook the duck eggs that are premature...I don't think I'm gonna be able to do it. Someone help do I politely say "I'd rather die than eat a baby duck..." haha, I guess we'll see!

Sister Thaong and I were able to make the trip up to Newcastle to see the baptism of ________! It was also his mom's birthday. They didn't tell them I was coming so it was a great surprise. I'll send some pictures from the baptism, _______ was so excited, it was so cute. We were able to come up a little early, as well, to watch some of General Conference, still nothing beats watching General Conference in the MTC. I really enjoyed the talks, I hope you all did as well. 

This week we have a couple conferences, I've been asked to speak at one of them, wish me luck! :/ Elder Rasband is coming on Thursday for a big conference with the entire mission in Sydney. We're all really excited!
Book of Mormon reading this week is Alma 58- Helaman 4, I hope you all have a great week, talk to you soon!
Sister Raitt

We were cleaning a house and someone says, "Oh look..a baby spider.  So I come over to have a look.....I'm sorry, that is NOT a BABY!! My GOSH!  They're like..."Oh, just wait until you see the dad!" My heart dropped. I was out of there so fast. It's a baby Huntsman.


  1. Eeeeek! I agree with you - that's not a baby spider. Keep up the great work Carly xoxo

  2. Eeeeek! I agree with you - that is not a baby spider! Keep up the good work Carly. Love you xoxo