Monday, January 21, 2013

Weeeeeiiiiiii Ni Hao.

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles. They NEVER cease to exist! _____ was baptized this Saturday at 6:00 PM! It was wonderful, President and Sister Howes even made the hour drive to attend and support him. He had been stressing me out ALL week, having small concerns here and there over some commandments. Sister Nauta and I fasted on Wednesday and that's all that was needed.  He was great after that and we prepared together for his baptism. He didn't own a white shirt so I bought him a shirt and tie, (he wore it on Sunday to church, too precious). There is nothing more wonderful than seeing someone you love and care about all dressed in white, ready to make covenants to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ and promise to always keep the commandments. He was so nervous, and excited! He couldn't stop smiling! The program was great, Sister Nauta gave a talk, and I played the piano while she and another sister sang! the piano...haha It's one of 3 tunes that I know. We had some food afterwards and everyone was giving _____ hugs, the support was unbelievable, so many people from the ward came it was so good! :)

I wasn't feeling very well this week, but the Lord must have been looking out for me because I was spoiled rotten! A less active member in our ward knitted me a beautiful blanket. Sister Mata'u gave me a scripture case from Tonga, and also went grocery shopping and bought me tons of Gluten Free food. She also ordered GF pizza and had us over for dinner. A few other members took us out for Chinese Thursday night, and again, another member had bought me lots of GF food, too! I'm stocked up for weeks! We are treated like pure gold here, it's great.

It was a record breaking 47 C on Friday, literally so hot we all wanted to die. But It was good in a sense that everyone was home and inside so we were able to talk to alot of people knocking doors. Everyone kept telling us to get out of the heat etc. But some offered us water which was nice. We taught a middle aged Catholic man, he had met with missionaries before and said we could come in. We had a member with us so we were allowed to go inside, which we were excited about thinking we could get out of the heat into some A/C. Well...he didn't have A/C...and all he really wanted was to bible bash for an hour, Sister Nauta couldn't understand his English so it was just him and I...not productive at all. And we were roasting...just wanted to get out of there, haha. But the miracle is, he called us the following day to apologize. That NEVER happens, he also wanted some information on Utah because he plans to visit.  Interesting man.

Happy Birthday NICK! :) I was really missing him on the 17th...but I really didn't have time to be sad. It was our big zone training meeting with President, and I had to give a training, the nerves kept me busy. But the training went really well, we have such an awesome zone! Sister Nauta and I taught another 20 lessons this week! We are on a roll! Always busy busy busy, one appointment to the next. We come home and just pass out haha.
Also Happy Birthday to my twinny! And to Ligga tomorrow :) Love my best friends.

Pday was fun, of course I killed EVERYONE in bowling, (no but really, almost every turn was a strike or spare. I pretended like that was just my normal game). It was alot of fun but It felt weird...I didn't feel missionaryesque...we all agreed we probably won't go again. Today we're all getting together at the chapel! All the Elders are a hoot, it's so much fun.

This week for the Book of Mormon will be 2 Nephi 9-23, I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am. I know I say this every letter but I am learning so MUCH! I can't handle it! good. I love my area, I never want to leave Richmond, it's very country but I just feel so at home, It's so good. The Church is true, the more people I meet and the more I learn about everything and anything the more it makes sense. I am where the Lord wants me to be, no question in my mind. Saturday was amazing, yayyy! Hope you all have a great week! I'll talk to you soon.
Sister Raitt

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