Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday, September 4th

Hi Fammm.
Well...I know you've all been dying to know...we're not going to China... :( haha. I guess we all knew that was coming. However a memeber of the Seventy DID come and speak to us Chinese speakers to talk to us, he is in charge of everything with the church over China. He said the Lord is working with China a much different way. We teach all over the world, and when they go back to China, they share the Gospel with their families etc etc. He said there are ways for them to go to church in China and if you think about it, even if China did allow us to come in, it would be next to impossible to get that many missionaries over there, because there would be so many baptisms we couldn't keep up! So it was exciting listening to him speak about the progress in China, I'm so blessed to be a part of it.
Sister Anderson has been having some issues with her knee so we got to go on a couple field trips this week outside the gates! We had so much fun getting away for awhile, even though it was just in the waiting room. I lauhged harder than I think I have ever laughed before...let me tell you the story. So Sister Ashcraft and I had been waiting in the waiting room for well over an hour, becoming delusional, sick of our flashcards, thankfully lots of people at the physical thereapy center like to stop and chat with us, ask us where we're going etc. So this older couple (early seventies?) comes in and the older man has this walker type thing, and they come in and start talking to us, they tell us that their daughter served in Taiwann! Just as the wife turns to the front desk to check in, the old mans pants drop completely to the floor........(keep in mind he is standing RIGHT in front of us)...so there he is just standing there in his G's...Sister Ashcraft hurries and looks away at me...so then I hurry and look at the wall....we INSTANTLY bust up laughing...I could NOT control myself! He just gives us a look like..."oops" "uh ohh" but with a little smile like he wasn't too embarrased but because he had to keep his hands on the walker he couldn't pull his pants up! So we're just laughing, and the wife turns around to continue telling us about her daughter and she's like..." ahh! :O " and she is kind of giggling, but she comes over to help him pull his pants back up WHILE still trying to talk to us! hahahahaha I am literally in TEARS! Probably because I have been deprived of laughing for three weeks, but I couldn't keep it together. We would calm down and try to talk back to them like "ohhh Taiwan really that's nice---pfffhahahahahahahah" and then I'd lose it again. So finally the wife just said, "honey you gave them a real nice journal entry, now you should probably just go start your workout" she kept apologizing, and we were apologizing in between breaths. So funny.
I had to get a shot the other day...70 DOLLAR shot! gall...you know how I hate shots..they gave me a dum dum after. I milked it all day just to be funny. "Sister Raitt could you say the closing prayer?"..."well...(i'd look at my arm)...I guess I could try......." haha. they think i'm a hoot :)
So there has been a little cold/flu going around our zone, and Friday night I was feeling something comin on but I just took some vitamins and hoped to sleep it off, well Saturday morning I woke up feeling AWFUL, but It was our first Saturday starting TRC and I didn't wanna miss it or make my companions miss it. TRC is where we get to go teach real investigatiors, well...they are just acting but they are volunteers. It's a big deal, so I just said I'll make it through this. I'm glad I did cause I LOVED TRC! We taught a father and son first, they were really funny and helpful with the language too, they would kindof do actions to help us understand what they were saying. When he asked me how long I had been here and I said 3 weeks he said.. "no you're LYING! you're chinese is so good, I'm amazed!" Made my day...because my Chinese is extremely basic. Next we taught a college aged guy and girl, they were super nice. Afterwords they write up evaluations for us to let us know how we did and on his eval it said : "Today I learned Sister missionaries are like angels..." yep..started bawling. Such a nice compliment. :)
I love you all and miss you so much! Time seems to be going quicker and quicker, thank goodness. I can't WAIT to get to Australia! Have an awesome week!

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