Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Month!

Can you believe I have been out for a month now!? I can...haha It feels like I've been at the MTC for seven years! I'm getting more and more used to the MTC life though, not so much the food. I still wonder half the time what I'm eating...:/ So I am feeling much better, I am just now starting to get over my cold, everyone in my district has been switching off being sick, even our teachers have been sick. Haha we're struggling a little with that. Nothing is funnier than speaking Chinese with a stuffy nose. I got a kick out of it...trying to be dead serious in a lesson and I can't say my tones right because I can't pronounce N's. Good times. 

So here's a funny story...On Saturday we were teaching in TRC (where we teach real people) and I was trying to say "God gives us revelation through inspiration.." Inspiration in Chinese is "chishi...however...chifan is "to eat" in Chinese...So there I am being so sincere saying.."God give us revelation through eating.." hahaha both my companions start laughing and I instantly knew I had mixed them up. Luckily the investigator didn't catch on right away so he just kind of smiled. Of course instantly the spirit went out the door because I ruined my punch line! haha but TRC was a lot of fun, It's probably my favorite part about the MTC. That and playing volleyball. 

Sorry I don't have any pictures to send this week, we just didn't take any. I did however take a couple videos of Elder Lewis and Elder Heinzlemier.  We have a book full of tones and how to pronunciate, so they sang every single pronunciation to the tune of "Praise to the Man", it was pretty funny. Then I talked Elder Heinzlemeir into talking in his Canadian accent, we always make fun of him for it. For example we love when he says "Baggage Tag..." cause he says it with the accent. Cracks us up. Also another funny moment..Elder Bramwell was saying district prayer at the end of the night and he was trying to say a really sincere prayer, bless his heart, and his companion has been recovering from bronchitis so he said, "please bless my companion Sister Crapse.." hahaha we all were trying to fight every last urge not to laugh. You find the littlest things make you laugh here at the MTC, we're a little sheltered to every day humor. 

Our branch president announced in sacrament on Sunday that we will get to be a part of the Brigham City Temple dedication, we'll have more details later this week, that's really exciting. Our older generation (the group that came in 6 weeks before us, Elder Young being one of them) is leaving on Monday, sad times. So we're losing 50 missionaries from our zone, it will just be us until the new group comes in on the 19th. We're super excited to be the big kids on the block and be the examples for the younger ones. Myself and my two companions will be the ONLY sisters in our zone, I don't know if I can handle that much of 19 year old boyness...but It will be good. Hopefully some sisters come in the new group! 

I'm excited for tonight's devotional, usually an apostle comes every 3-4 weeks so tonight could be the night! I'm also singing with the MTC choir and we're singing "Where can I turn for peace" It's so good, I'm in a heap crying every time I hear us sing it.

Sorry If this weeks email has been a little boring, It's pretty much the same thing every week. I will say that my testimony is growing like a weed, Heavenly Father answers prayers. I had been praying to know why God gives us trials, why innocent people have to experience tragedy, I have really been missing Nick lately. On Sunday, Rene Hill came and spoke to the Relief Society, she told her story about her son being killed in an accident when he was 7, some timber from a roof fell on him. She was saying how she doesn't know WHY exactly this happened, but she knows that It made her faith grow and the peace she had knowing the Savior was there to comfort her, she could look to tomorrow for a brighter day. A lot of people don't have that sense of hope, I'm so blessed to have Jesus Christ in my life to give me hope and comfort. I was in a heap during her whole talk, she was so amazing.

I've had lots of small spiritual experiences at the MTC I am grateful for, though it is challenging.  I usually have no idea what I'm saying in Chinese though I can see my improvement and I know Heavenly Father is helping me all the way. I love all of you so much and miss you. Keep the letters coming, I love hearing from you. I pray for you daily. Love you much!
Sister Raitt

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