Monday, August 27, 2012


It has been one week, five days and six hours since I have heard from Carly.  I have written her three letters and one last scathing postcard threatening to embarrass the life out of her if I have to show up at the MTC and demand to see my daughter if she didn't write soon.  Kelsey also sent her an email through "Dear".  Today in the mail - US Postal Service, no less - I finally got a letter.

It turns out she has only received the postcard from me and two letters from friends.  She sent me an email on Tuesday, her "P" day, but I didn't receive it.  She was heartbroken to find her inbox EMPTY!  "Not even ONE email!!!!" she declared.  For the record, her email address is:

Here's an excerpt of her letter:

"The first week was rough but I'm starting to love it here.  I'm in my own little MTC world.  Everyone is so friendly and nice. I have a wonderful district, zone and branch presidency.  I'm told they call the best to teach Mandarin missions.  We have been teaching our first investigator and I invited him to be baptized and he said YES!  Of course, it wasn't technically "real" but the Spirit was real.  So, the twist of the week was the guy who was our "investigator" is now our new teacher, which makes sense because he knows exactly how good our Chinese is and what we need to work on.

My expected departure date from the MTC is actually October 29th but that is still a ways away and I have so much to learn still.

Please, please write me, mail is like gold here.  I would like to hear from everyone, especially my family, gall!"

The she went on to write something in Chinese - Daniel.... come over and translate, please.

I'm hoping to hear from her again tomorrow.  I'm going to sleep well tonight!

Love, Lori

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