Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Good morning everyone,
Happy Halloween!! It was just another day here in Australia. There were a few people who dressed up in the city but I missed home and all the carnivals and pumpkin carving. They just don't know how to do Halloween here. Apparently there was a "Zombie Run" on Saturday morning and everyone dressed up to walk a 5k or something but we didn't get to see it as it was on the other side of the city, but I'm sure It was lovely. :) 

Tuesday was crazy, it was SO windy! So random! I've never seen anything like it.  The top of a bus flew off so half of the main street in the city was blocked off while they tried to repair it! I have to admit, we got a good laugh watching from the window as everyone tried to stay on the ground and keep all their clothes in tact while they walked down the street to school and work. We wanted to go outside to contact people on the street but I couldn't take more than two steps without my skirt flying completely up! So embarrassing, so we stayed inside until it calmed down. Crazy.

We went on trade offs this week with the sisters in Ashfield, that's the Mandarin Ward. We set out to go talk to people on the street and find someone to teach. How interesting that the very first person we talked to was actually a member of the church! He's from Korea and joined 30 years ago but found it was more convenient to attend the Catholic church near his house so he's been going there for a long time. I asked if he believes the church is still true and he paused for a moment and then said..."Yes, I do". A few hours on our way home on the train, Sister Wang nudged me and pointed to a man who was reading a Book of Mormon! Not something we see every day. We got his attention and found out he is on the high council in another ward, a fully active member. But I just thought how amazing the the very first and last person we talked to all day were members. There are more of us than I think I realized :) We also met a younger man from Korea, he was playing the guitar in the park so I went and talked to him. Hopefully, we can meet up with him soon. Also, two guys from France walked in to English class and one of them has a name of Baptiste, haha, how funny! He was supposed to come to church on Sunday but wasn't feeling well. We will also hopefully get to see him this week.

Oh my goodness how could I almost forget! The A family called me this week to invite me to come see them at the temple on Saturday to do baptisms for the first time! AHH! They are a miracle! They have come so far, it's amazing! So, I got permission to meet up with them and take pictures at the temple to congratulate them. They plan to be sealed in the temple next summer and we're making arrangements so I can attend :D Wow, they're wonderful.

We have an investigator who believes in God but doesn't believe Satan exists....that was odd. I've never had to testify of Satan before...but there's a first for everything.

This week our zone leaders gave us a training on our worth in Heavenly Father's eyes and how important it is not to compare ourselves to other missionaries. It got me thinking to how this can apply to all of us. Acts 10:32, God is no respecter of persons, we know that he loves us all equally. We know that Heavenly Father doesn't compare us to his other children, so why should we? Jesus Christ came down not to do his will but the will of the Father. He was spat upon, ignored etc., but he never became discouraged, he knew his purpose. We also know our purpose and what we are capable of and when we are doing the best we can, that's all he asks of us. Just a little food for thought. Discouragement only leads to weakened faith.

Love you all! Have a great week!!
Sister Raitt

View from Bishop's house across the harbor, looking at the city where we live.

Minion visiting World Square - love him!

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