Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zenme yannnggggg

Good afternooooonnnn, 

It's been an exciting week, transfer week. Not to worry everyone, I'm safe for another round. Sister Slade and I are staying in the city for at least another transfer, still traveling. However three new areas have been opened so we will be traveling 3-4 days every week, not a lot of time to spend in our area but we're happy to be preparing for another 3 baptisms next month! 

Last week our recent convert friend ________ got married, just a small wedding at the court house. I have to admit I got the giggles and almost lost it when he said, "to be my awful wedded life" hahahah, bless him, he's learning English and misunderstood. We will have our first lesson with his wife tonight :) very excited.

We said goodbye to ________, he moved back to Taiwan, he called us twice from the airport before his flight left just to say goodbye and not to forget him. I've been bummed all week, I'll miss him. 

We traveled up to Toukely on Wednesday. I spent the day with Sister Vuataki from New Zealand. We had a good time knocking on doors - the only one to let us in was a cute 94 year old woman. So, so sweet. She buys the local elementary school new bibles every year. She just lost her daughter 2 months ago but we had a great conversation about eternal families and she invited us back on Friday.

Also, on Thursday I was back in MEDOWIE!! My birth place...I was so happy to be back for a visit. If any of you remember ________, she was the ONLY Asian we could find who ended up getting baptized. I went to visit her but she wasn't home, however I've been informed she has a calling in Primary, she can't understand anything but she sings along with them. We were also able to have dinner with my favorite family, the A family! The second oldest son was just baptized on Saturday. Uunfortunately our schedule didn't allow us to attend but It was so good to see all of them, and the new baby. The dad has just got a calling as second counselor in the elders quorum and the mom is also serving in primary. We just talked over dinner about the first time I met them was my first day in Australia, how at that time they only allowed us to come for dinner but nothing else, and now here they are, the mom and two boys have been baptized and they are an active family in the church. I felt like crying, it's my miracle family. They plan to be sealed in the temple next summer either in Hawaii or Utah, I'll be there either way, I wouldn't miss it. 

We had a baptism on Saturday, ________ was baptized! And as a zone, we baptized 6 others, that's ten baptisms this month in our ward! It's growing so fast, all thanks to Heavenly Father and the hard working missionaries here. I couldn't be happier, so blessed to have the opportunity to serve here in the city. 

A friend of ours from china took a few of us out to lunch today, we had octopus and squid and oysters etc. So vile....I was dying. But it's alllll for the experience! :D I love and miss you all, have a great week! 

Sister Raitt 

YSA Ward - Farewell to the Baker's

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