Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good things...

Well......hello everyone,
It's been another successful week! I'm pleased to say, we have...(drum roll).....13 people preparing for baptism on August 24th in our zone! How amazing, that has NEVER been done in the city before! It's so exciting! We are helping ________ prepare for baptism, she is in China at the moment but she'll be back next week and hopefully everything will run smoothly and she'll be ready to go!

We went on trade-offs this week with the sisters in Greenwich and Richmond (my last area). It was so great to go back to visit Richmond, the sisters are doing so well there! They don't have a car, they walk everywhere, bless them. But they are teaching lots of people, it's going really well.

Sister Slade and I were only able to work in our area a few days this week but we managed to pick up 6 new investigators! The Lord has really been blessing us. We had a student from Korea call us about English class but then asked us if we could teach him about God. So I said, "No...we only teach English, I'm sorry". Haha, kidding, we IMMEDIATELY set up a time for him to come and meet with us, and when he came he brought a friend with him! I love when they do that. Then we met another student on the street from China and he also brought a friend with him. We are teaching all of them now and they are progressing towards baptism. 

Also, I believe I have mentioned one of our investigators we've started teaching is from a Muslim country. For a lot of Muslims, it can be a very dangerous situation to learn about another religion if anyone from his home were to find out. But after an interview process, he was cleared and we're allowed to teach him. We called the mission home and asked if they had the Book of Mormon in the Persian language. They said yes and asked how many we needed. We said just one. Elder Shim then said, "Okay, I'll give you three." We laughed a little, he was probably just being annoying but he really did bring three so we've have two just sitting in our closet for a couple months. Then this week our investigator brought his father and a friend of his to church. They have just moved here from his country and they want to learn about our church. One has read the entire old and new testament already, they are so good. So we ended up giving them each a Book of Mormon, hence the need for three :) Miracles! Elder Shim then said, "Man...I should've given you ten!" haha.

A neighboring stake put on a "mini-MTC experience" for the youth yesterday.  We were each assigned a youth to come with out with us to do with missionary work. I was assigned with Sister "M" - she's Tongan and I can't pronounce her last name, haha. She's only 16 years old, but really wants to serve a mission in a couple years. She was really good, though. She taught a lesson with me and then we went out to go talk to people on the street. She's like, "Okay so where should we stand?" OH no no no...we go to them - haha. She was asking me how to know who to talk to and I told her sometimes it's just a feeling that you should talk to them, or sometimes you just talk to them anyways.  I was busy talking to someone and when I finished she said, "Hey Sister Raitt, what about him?" She points to a Korean sitting on a bench, so I said, "Okay, yeah, let's go talk to him."  We ended up getting his phone number and he's meeting with us tonight! He's Christian, too! She was so excited, was telling everyone about her miracle, how she felt she needed to talk to him. I was just so happy for her, my little mini-me. We were even matching, I'll send a picture. haha, I told her I'll call her if he ends up getting baptized and she can come!

Just to end, I'd like everyone to know that our hot water was broken for 3 days, I think it's the coldest shower I've ever experienced in my whole life, shockingly freezing, but all of us had a good laugh listening to us each showering, haha, just screaming. Good times, so appreciate your warm shower tomorrow morning!

Love you all, have a great week! We are off to the beach for a BBQ!

Sister Raitt
Me & Mini-Me

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