Monday, July 22, 2013

The time is far spent...

Hello helllooooooo!
Alright, I know I say this every time truly has been a crazy week! So much going on and so much to tell you all!

First, we are preparing for TWO baptisms this Saturday, ________ and ________! They are both so amazing and so prepared and excited to be baptized! We had 5 of our investigators at church this Sunday! As a zone we are planning to have 8 baptisms this Saturday, it's a new record! Reaching great new heights here in the city! ________ was special miracle this week, he was a little unsure on a few things that we had taught, namely how to know President Monson is a true prophet when he has never met him. We invited him to sincerely pray and ask God the questions and concerns he had. The next day we met with him to see how he was feeling. He said he was too lazy to ask each question so he just pleaded with Heavenly Father to tell him if it was ALL true, and he said he had a very comforting, peaceful feeling come over him and he knew it was all true. Now he has no doubts or concerns, he's just so excited to be baptized! Amazing the changes someone can make in just a month! He is a miracle. Yesterday he referred to Sister Slade and I as his "best friends".  Aw, our hearts melted.

Another miracle, the Elders met a man from Malaysia the other week selling water on the side of the street. He came to English class and brought his girlfriend with him. She speaks very little English but she is from China! So I started talking to her and she told me she really wanted to come learn about our church, so we set up a time to meet with her the following day. Her name is ________, she is AMAZING! Of course my Chinese isn't, but everything that I do understand is amazing, haha. We had a member help us teach the other day and the lesson went beautifully! I was teaching her about the Book of Mormon, and was telling her how she can pray and ask Heavenly Father to know that it's true. She slightly smiles and grabs my hand and says, "I already believe it's true." Then she pulls out her phone and shows us a picture of her standing next to two missionaries. She  explains to us that on a vacation last month to Alice Springs, she met missionaries and they were very nice and the things they said to her caught her attention. Then when her boyfriend brought her to English class and it was the same church, she knew that it was where she was supposed to be. She THEN said something in Chinese and I only understood the words "serve mission", so I was a little confused what she was trying to say. The member then translated to me that she said, "Is there any way I can serve here in the Church and then when I finish school I would like to do what you do and serve a mission."  My jaw DROPPED. This was only our second lesson with her and she wants to serve a mission! She is so amazing!

Also, transfers have again come and gone and I've been called as a Traveling Training Sister, basically my companion and I work in our area for half of the week and the other half we spend traveling around the mission working with other sisters and training. It will be a great responsibility, I'm very excited for the challenge! It was sad to say goodbye to some missionaries, and of COURSE everyone has to make it all dramatic by singing "God be With You Till We Meet Again"  I just wanna bawl my eyes's CRUEL! The time goes too quickly...

It's been a great week, filled with miracles. I continue to encourage you to read from the scriptures daily, I am learning so much and I'm humbled by how much MORE I need to learn, there isn't enough time in this life! I love you all, I pray for you and hope you have a great week!
Sister Raitt
Zone PDay - we all bought Korean sunglasses

Elder Maxfield imitating the little old man from "Up"

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