Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bit Chilllllllllly....

Good morning Everyoneeeee,
Today's going to be short and sweet. :) We had a good week, both Sister Thaong and I weren't feeling 100% but we just went with it and did the best we could. We had dinner with the ________ family this week, I absolutely love them. Brother ________ is roughly...74...he's almost blind due to a hereditary disease that destroys your vision. We were having a nice chat over dinner and I was telling him I couldn't believe he was 74, he looks great! And he stands up and says, "Well, I've had a knee and hip replacement...I'm a new man!" and he starts running in place hahaha  THEN he starts doing air arm curls...haha I was dying. Then he starts to tell us how he was a professional wrestler in Chile.  He then says, "But that was 600 years ago before Jesus Christ was born." haha What a hoot! So witty, keep in mind this is all being said in broken Spanglish. They cooked us lovely Chilean food and we sang "Nearer My God to Thee" and bore testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Brother ________ then bore his testimony while choking back tears...:) They are so sweet. Their English is improving so much since we've started to visit them.

We had a great District Meeting on Friday. Our district leader goes home next week so it was his final meeting with us. He took us into the gym in the chapel and since it's ladies first, we were blindfolded and had to find the Elders in the room, who were ringing a bell WHILE there was loud music being played throughout the gym. The lesson being, it's hard to be in tune with the Spirit (the bell) when there are worldly distractions around us. So then it was the Elders turn... :} Sister Thaong and I cheated...we would move all around when they would get close, hahah they had no idea! They're scrambling around saying, "Gosh where is it! I swear it was right there..." Then towards the end, one says, "Hey...are you moving!?" haha, we have it all on video. so funny. But, more importantly, we had a great meeting about the Spirit, and how we can be in more tune with the Spirit, how we can help those we teach feel the Spirit.

This is our last week before transfers, the traveling sisters are coming again Thursday and Friday to work with us, I'm excited. We always have some really good funny and spiritual experiences! On Sunday, our ward is fasting for missionary work in our area, YAY! Gear up for lots of miracles, things have been pretty slow lately, but have faith, they will come! I hope you have a wonderful week! Book of Mormon reading is Helaman 14- 3 Nephi 8.

Stay strong and faithful, remember the Lord loves you, and I love you. Talk to you soon!
Sister Raitt

Carly's District

John, converted in January

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