Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 11th, 2013

Hi everyoneeee,
This week has been long and crazy. For starters, a lady in our ward had a heart attack, she's only maybe in her early 60's, but we were asked to help her for a couple days, do laundry, housework, cook etc. The family was SO appreciative and it was really good for us to have a service opportunity. Unexpected, but wonderful. She's getting better, her heart should heal on it's own within a couple months.

Sister Nauta and I went tracting the other day, just picked a random street that hadn't been done yet, "sunny side" street. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Well apparently it's the most dangerous street in our area, no one bothered to tell us. About the 5th house in, I was's a little rough around here. We met a group of 20 year olds, they first asked us if we were cops...I'm sure...2 girls in skirts..haha. Then they informed us that they run the street, we started talking to them about God and Jesus Christ, I won't repeat the things they said but lets just say I was waiting for the thunder to strike them for openly disrespecting Christ. I couldn't believe the things they said. Sister Nauta couldn't really understand, so afterwards I tried to explain and she gasped and said, "oh no.....they don't know what they say.......we will pray for them!" haha I love her!  All I wanted to do was jump the fence and smack them and she's just wanting to pray...that's why I love her and need her as my companion. She's wonderful. A couple of houses told us we shouldn't be on this street. Of course, it was like the last 2 houses, too late. But hey, we survived! And now we know....

We've picked up a couple new investigators. A mother and daughter, she doesn't believe in anything but is trying to. She said when she was starting to think about trying to believe, the missionaries knocked on her door. She said she thinks maybe that was a sign...mmmm...ya probably. She said she tried praying but felt like she was talking to herself. Understandable, the first time ever praying in your life could feel a little awkward, I can imagine, but she said she will keep trying! It's interesting, she is a mid-wife, bringing little souls into the world every day, how could you not believe!? She's a great mom though, and her daughter is so cute, totally believes in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. In time....

We're also teaching a 18 year old and his dad, we met them just knocking on doors. The son has taken a more scientific point of view on things, evolution...the big bang theory etc. But his dad definitely believes, and we left them with a BOM and a couple chapters to read. The son is open to learn and is open to the idea that there is a God. They're fun, we enjoy meeting with them.

The weather has been so weird lately, it was up to 40 degrees again on Friday, but last night it was POURING and then even started to hail, really big hail too. So bizarre...supposedly February is usually the hottest month. ugh...hopefully we've seen the worst of it.

We had the chance to watch the Joseph Smith movie last night, I LOVE this movie. If you have a chance, get to Salt Lake and go see it. Such a good reminder of how blessed we are, everything the pioneers and Joseph Smith went through, I can't imagine. Sister Nauta and I were in a heap crying, the restoration of the Gospel is so incredible when you really start to think about it. Tonight at dinner, I invite you to go around and each finish the sentence..."Because of the restoration, I know....(blank)."  For me, "Because of the restoration, I know that families are eternal. That this life is only but a small moment in the perspective of eternity, that we have all the tools and guidance we need in order to make it back to live with our Father in heaven, the savior Jesus Christ and our families forever." I could name an entire list, but it's a good activity to think about what you personally have come to know because of the restoration.

The BOM reading this week is Words of Mormon - Mosiah 10

I hope you are enjoying your week! The church is true, and the wonderful thing about it is we can kneel and ask Heavenly Father to confirm these things to us. I love you all! Try to stay warm!
Sister Raitt

I forgot! hahahaha  S
ister Nauta quote of the day when 
we cleaned our flat.  Afterwards she says:

"Sister Raitt, thanks for cleaning the chicken" (meaning to say kitchen) hahahahah she's too cute.

The Blue Mountains (picture doesn't do it justice)


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