Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hi Everyone!

You know it's Christmas when it's 100 degrees outside! Wait...that's not right. haha we're melting! But the work continues, right? Right!

We had Pday with our zone last Monday. We played some games and did a gift exchange. Of course, I picked the biggest present and I open it to find toilet paper and flushable wipes. The Elders think they're so funny, well jokes on them because we actually just ran out of TP and were in need. Thanks!

Elder Sauk from Korea
He got gross pickle juice stuff that had been left in an elder's apartment for probably months...haha, classic!
This week is going to be great, we're really excited!  Thursday night we are driving 2 hours down to Sydney to stay a couple of nights. Friday is the big Christmas Conference and afterwards, a few of us Sisters are going to be giving tours of the Sydney Temple! They have it all decorated and a massive nativity all lit up. Apparently, someone broke in and lit baby Jesus on fire last year...hopefully we can keep him fire proofed this year. We were sad we didn't think we'd be able to get down to Sydney to see the lights, but now we get to go give tours all weekend! On Christmas we have been invited by an investigator to enjoy a dutch Christmas breakfast, then it's off to eat Christmas lunch with the A family, and I think we'll be having dinner with a less active? Still not sure, we're pretty popular.

Sister Bambrough and I were tracting the other day and we drove past the "Magic Noodle," probably one of three restaurants in Medowie.  It's Chinese takeout so we thought...hey you never know, right? So we went in and met Lan...he's great and CHINESE! haha  We talked to him for a bit and asked him if there are any other Chinese in Medowie. He said no, just him and a lady who works at the local pharmacy, so we'll be visiting her next week haha. We have a member from Taiwan, _____, in our branch and he told us his boss's mom wanted to learn about the church so we went over on Friday to teach her. Ask me how much I She was talking SO fast and in some weird accent...even _____, who was there to help translate, said..."I've never seen her talk so much, and it's hard for me to understand her!" So that made me feel better, if he had a hard time then clearly there's no way I would understand a thing. I can understand him though! We call her Du Mama, she sang us probably seven Chinese hymns haha...she's so cute.

Everyone, It's official - I have met the famous "Gorgeous George." Well, at least that's what he told us his wrestling name was...haha. Cute little old man, used to wrestle back in the day in Sydney, said they called him Gorgeous George! He talked to us for quite a bit and we got to talking about how Sister Bambrough and I still hadn't seen a kangaroo, he was like "really!? well common' then.." and he took us in his's on a golf course...literally...easily 30 kangaroos plus...they were everywhere! Jumping...eating etc. haha We were so happy, almost in tears. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park seeing dinosaurs. It would probably be like us seeing deer in America...not really a big deal to Australians. But we loved it, so cool!

We invited three investigators to be baptized this week, none of them said no so that's good! They all really want to be a part of the gospel but they are lacking confidence in themselves that they would be able to live the standards. Please pray for them to have the strength, I have faith in them, it will just take some prayer and time. Through the Lord anything is possible.

Our tree
We taught little _____, the 8 year old who will probably be my first baptism. haha. He is such a smarty...he asks the hardest questions, he's probably our hardest investigator. He asked..."Well, how do you know Jesus is real if you can't see him?" It's hard to explain faith to a little 8 year old...he wants RESULTS! haha...he's just doing it to be a punk. He has an Ipad for crying out loud! He is so smart, he write his questions down on his Ipad - it literally says, "questions for the sisters..." haha. Keepin us on our toes!

We've been studying diligence this week. To be diligent means to be consistent. Consistently reading our scriptures, consistently attending church etc. It also requires sacrifice, maybe giving up going out to see a movie and attending the temple. There is so much work to be done. Diligence is an expression of our love for the Lord - are we just going through the motions? As a missionary that is easy to do, to get into a routine - knocking doors, teaching lessons - but not putting forth the extra energy to to the little extra things. It's something we all can work on, and the Lord will help us. Christmas is next week, please take the time to remember the Savior and why we celebrate Christmas. Get to know the Savior, say the things He would say, do the things He would do. You are all wonderful, thank you for the love and support! Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time with your families and friends!
Sister Raitt

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