Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I come from a land down undahhhh...

SUCH a great week. It was Sister Weeks last week, she will fly home today. She has a present for Dad to drop off and she wants to meet all of you, I gave her your information so I'm sure you will hear from her soon. Transfer meeting was amazing, our mission is the best mission on this earth. I know everyone says that but really, it is. I'm so blessed, I LOVE President and Sister Howes. Our AP gave a talk that was really good, read the last verse in "How Firm a Foundation"....think about what that means. There are literally people out there waiting on missionaries, waiting for us to bring them the gospel. He said..."Don't you DARE slack off...or be disobedient." It got me thinking, it's not just on our mission that God is relying on us to do his work. But throughout our entire lives here on Earth he is relying on us to bring forth his work. Don't ever forget the covenants that you've made, and the promises we have made to our Heavenly Father. These are the latter days and the time is now, it is so crucial to use this time to come unto Christ. I feel very strongly about missionary work and it keeps growing, we literally rely on our branch members to help us with this work. We can't do it alone, everyone needs to help. Our AP's are great, so powerful. We have an extremely obedient mission. Love that. 

Well, I did not get transferred, I am staying here in Medowie, which is great because there is so much work going on and I wasn't ABOUT to let some Elders come in and ruin it. Kidding... :) I have a new companion, Sister Bambrough! She was in the MTC group right before me, only she was in the advanced program so she only was there for six weeks. So that means, two mandarin speaking sisters in an area with 0 Chinese people...haha. I'm just happy I have someone to study Chinese with! She is from California, so remember how I said I am the 3rd non-native Sister to serve Mandarin speaking in Australia? Well she was the first! She's great, I'm excited to serve with her.
On Tuesday we went out to get in our car and It wouldn't start, so we had some members come look at it and the AP's came and looked at it...couldn't figure out the problem. So we had it towed and Sister Weeks and I were without a car for a few days, bummin rides off of members etc. We got a call from the shop and they say..."well good news your car is done....bad news is..there was nothing wrong with it....started just fine.." What!? we had everyone and their dog trying to fix it! Needless to say, we have our car back and it's perfectly fine. 

HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING! We spent Thanksgiving tracting, my favorite :) But a miracle happened! We went to visit one of our investigators but she wasn't home so we just tracted on her street. We met a lady named ________, just a young mom, she invited us in while she was eating lunch. She recently joined the Anglican church, we started asking her if she had heard of the Latter Day Saints etc. She started asking some good questions and before we knew it we were pretty much teaching her the whole Restoration. We introduced the Book of Mormon and what it is and then I said..."________, as missionaries we like to take opportunities to just teach people what we believe and invited them to pray to know if these things are true." and she said, "Oh I don't need to pray about it, I already believe that's true, I believe the Book of Mormon is the word of God"...once again this was me... :O....We have never had a response like that haha but we talked some more and hopefully we will get to visit her this week again. She's pretty busy and really likes the church she goes to now but we will see. Pray for her. 

We spent Thanksgiving at the A's home, they fed us dinner. The following day we went back to teach the mom of the A family, all I can say is that the lesson went WONDERFULLY. She said she really wants to give it a go and build her relationship with God. I think one of my favorite things as a missionary is being there to hear someone pray out loud when they haven't prayed for a really long time or who maybe have never prayed before. The spirit is always so strong it's unreal. I love it! We are having dinner with them again tonight and we will see her later this week. 

Saturday was the RS Christmas party, we made some crafts and what not. It was a lot of fun. It's weird seeing all these Christmas decorations but it's roasting hot outside, I'm very confused.  Sunday was the musical fireside that was put on by the missionaries. You won't believe it but...yes I did sing a solo, "Where Can I Turn for Peace". Sister Weeks forced me...lots of members of the branch sang, it was lovely. A 12 year old deacon, Tommy, got up and bore his testimony...he said.."I know my Heavenly Father loves me because he has sent me two lovely sister missionaries..." haha. Cute kid, but too young. The Preisthood organized a "Soup Sunday"...bless their hearts, they were only trying to be dilligent and plan something nice but our hall doesn't have A/C so the last thing we all wanted was hot soup. haha. It was still yummy though, everyone was just sweating, pit stains etc. haha. Good times. 

There was a really intense thunder storm last night! Lightning every 3 seconds, I'm serious. We were watching out our window for a little bit. Just a random tid bit for you. 

I wanted to say a very special Happy Birthday to Natalina! LOVE YOU! What are you 40 now?  Seriously....kidding. You are beautiful! Have an awesome day! 

I'm supposed to let you know if you would like to send a Christmas gift, if you mark the package "Christmas" then they will keep it at the office and when we have Christmas conference they will hand out our presents...isn't that nice? I'm excited! 

Well everyone, this week we are focusing on patience. :) How I have been studying patience is looking it up in the Topical Guide and reading every scripture on patience. Everything we do requires patience, the hardest thing for me is having faith in the Lord's plan over my plan. Of course, when I think certain blessings should come, it's probably not when Heavenly Father was planning on giving me those blessings. I am really looking forward to studying patience this week. 

December is a wonderful time to remember our Savior and why he came to this Earth. I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to hearing from you soon! LOVE YOU!

Sister Raitt

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