Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's the final countdownnnnnn!

Ni hao wode Jating!!
I don't even know where to start...Oh I don't know..maybe the fact that on Tuesday night Elder Bednar came and spoke at our fireside!!! Everyone was so excited, just listening to every single syllable. I love him, also for Relief Society Linda Burton spoke to us sisters! I am one lucky missionary, they had very inspiring words but I don't have time to go there. 

Speaking of talks, guess who got called up to speak this Sunday...yep ME. They said that if you have a calling they usually won't call you to speak but oh no...they called me. I wasn't expecting it. Brother Teng said.."and next we will be pleased to hear from Sister Raitt.." I didn't have anything prepared because I've been so busy and I thought I would be off the hook so I did what I do best and I got up there and winged it, all in Chinese may I remind you. I felt like I did a good job, of course I forgot the easiest words. I wanted to say "I would like to share an experience" but I forgot how to say experience so I said..."I'd like to share a.......thing" hahaha they knew what I was saying so that's all that mattered. 

Sister Anderson had surgery on her ear which caused her to have Vertigo, she's been super sick so she has had to stay in our room all day and we've had to stay with her obviously, we're tied at the hip. Sister Ashcraft and I were starting to lose it after day 3..haha I think we sang every song in the hymn book, and then sang them all again in Chinese. We play Taboo with our Chinese flashcards, anything we can think of really. 

I got to HOST on Wednesday, that's when I get to bring in the new sister getting dropped off and take her to her room and to get her books, make them feel at ease, etc. Well, the first girl I hosted, her room was on the 4th floor of building 3M, and there isn't an elevator so I hauled all her luggage up 4 flights of stairs when I realized, I'm in the wrong building! I should've KNOWN! I don't know what I was thinking, I was too busy chatting, I felt so dumb. I said to her..."I'm sorry your host is a DINK!" she just laughed. (of course she did, I'm funny). 

My teacher had an interview with me, basically just to make sure everything is good and I'm ready to go here pretty quick. She said I'm doing awesome and my language has sky rocketed, that made me feel a lot better but I know I'll be humbled again once I get to Australia and can't even talk to 3 year olds. I've played softball a couple times with some Thailand Elders, we have a HUGE game tomorrow, Thai verses the Cambodians... I'm the only sister they have invited to come play with them. They beg me everyday to come out and pitch to them but I refuse because the last thing I need is a line drive back to my head! gall. Tomorrow will be fun though I'm excited. 

We studied 3 Nephi 11 a couple days ago, I love studying the BOM as a class, I learn so much. I wish we could break down every single chapter together, I would understand so much more! I encourage all of you to read it, I love Jesus Christ's example. He made it so clear so there would be no way anyone could misunderstand His Gospel. Love it. 

Being a coordinating sister has been awesome but also exhausting. I'm constantly going to additional meetings, checking up on the other Sisters etc. I'm like the mother over all my little daughters, I love them. I can't believe I leave in...12 days! We're all getting really excited but really trying to buckle down these last couple weeks to learn as much as possible! I know I'm nowhere near ready to leave, but at the same time I am more than ready! We get our travel plans on Thursday! That's when we'll know when exactly we leave, what time, when we can call home etc. Sorry I won't be sending any pictures, they took out the SIM card readers so we can't send pictures anymore. You'll just have to wait. :) I love you all so much, I miss you. Have an awesome week! Always always always remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I am just barely starting to understand what the Atonement means and I am amazed. I hope all of you strive to study the gospel of Jesus Christ every single day. It should be at the very CENTER of our lives. Again I love you and pray for you!
Sister Raitt

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